Monday, October 29, 2007

Week 9 Blog DUE 11/2/07

Sports Marketing, Business Law, Fashion Marketing

Please do the following: You have used a blog weekly in your class this term, now its time for you to find another blog that speaks about your business topic.

Find a blog that discusses topics for your class. This can be accomplished by doing a google search or by going on blog tracking sites such as Read several entries and answer the following questions:

What is the name of the blog make sure you provide the name and a link
Who writes the blog: name, profession, etc. Is it one person or a group
Where is the blogger from
How frequently (in general) do they blog
What types of topics do they blog about
Copy and paste one entry to your paper, to give us an idea of topics discussed.
Did you like the blog? why or why not
What could we use the blog for in class
Remember to come prepared to share your results with the class!!

Happy Blogging

Sunday, October 21, 2007

Week 8 Blog Due 10-26-07

Ok its back to blogging....Please remember to label your papers correctly with the week of the blog, the title, and the date....Thanks!!

Sport Marketing

We are finishing up talking about the sporting industry and we will do that by talking a little about endorsements. Look up the following and don't forget to site your sources
  • Who makes the most money from much
  • Who is the highest paid woman athele when it comes to endorsement
  • What are the biggest endorsements to get (company, product)
  • Pick three sports and name their top two endorser and who they signed some of their biggest contracts with?
  • How much does Michael Vick stand to lose, or did lose, from endorsements?

Business Law

Look up the website for the consumer product safety commission: Tell me the types of information that is available on the website ( I want lots of specifics), describe what types of products this agency deals with, give me specifics as to two products that have been recalled and why, and finally tell me how this website can help consumers.

Fashion Marketing

Examine the following websites your own words tell me the following:

What are these two websites? Give detailed descriptions
Who are their target market? Why?
What type of merchandise do they sell?
In what type of space are they located?
Based on the websites, how are their stores laid out?
If you were a local designer, how could you get your merchandise in the store?
Would you shop there? Why or why not?
There is a huge trend toward "indie" designs for everything from clothing to home. Why do you think that should be able to write a paragraph on this one.

Monday, October 15, 2007


Happy MEA week everyone. No blog this week, but here are a few extra credit opportunities

- Bring in some Kleenex

- Bring in fashion magazines

- Describe a lesson you would like us to do in class. I need a complete description of the activity, why we should do it, and how you would assess it.

Have a good break everyone!!!

Monday, October 8, 2007

Week 6 Blog Due 10-12-07

Please make sure you are labeling your assignments and using a correct header at the top as described earlier

Sports Marketing
- look up the website: Check it out and answer the following quesitons
- what is the website selling
- what else besides merchandise are they "selling"
- what is the price range
- describe three uses for their products (check out their gallery for inspiration
- would something like this work at the local level? why or why not

Business Law
This week you are going to be doing some general research on the death penalty. Please answer the following questions:

- How many states currently have the death penalty? List them
- What is the average time fram from sentencing till the actual execution?
- Who is usually allowed to witness an execution? This will vary by state, so make sure you tell me what state you are using in your example.
- How many women have been put to death in the last 100 years? Give me an example
- What are the methods currently used to execute someone?
-Are there any states that are currently looking at eliminating the death penalty? How about states that are thinking about adding the death penalty?

Fashion Marketing

Target and Gap have recently started working with up and coming designers to create unique lines for them to sell in their stores. Please research this trend and see if you can answer the following questions:

- why would retail institutions take a risk with a new designer?
- can you find any information that states this has been successful for retailers?
- Do you think doing this is a good stratey?
-Are there any other retailers that are doing the same thing or something similar? Give examples