Thursday, March 26, 2009

Hope Spring Break takes you to great places and you have a wonderful time.

Sunday, March 22, 2009

Hey blog this week. Thank you for a wonderful term!! Enjoy your spring break!!

Sunday, March 15, 2009

Week 8 Blog DUE 3/20/09


Please read the above article on social networking. Give a summary of the article and how it relates to the class. Should be at least a complete 1/2 page. Then, list reasons how you think social networking can help an entrepreneur. Please make sure to site your sources.


Using and listing at LEAST three good resources, describe advertising laws that pertain to advertising and children. Name and describe the laws and when they were introduced. Also find a current event article relating to children and advertising and describe it. Don't forget to list all your sources. Here is a link to help get you started. I'm looking for a full page of information, not counting your resources.

Sales and Marketing
This week, one of the industries we are studying is the real estate industry. This industry has been struggling very much in the past couple of years. Find an article that talks about how real estate agents are dealing with this poor market. What are they suggesting to clients to sell their houses faster. What are some things both the real estate agents and home owners can do to make their houses more appealing. Don't forget to list your sources.

Sunday, March 8, 2009

Week 7 Blog DUE 3/13/09

Its back.......and its due on Friday the 13th!!


This week we are talking about employees, hiring, training, and scheduling. Read the above article and take the quiz......provide me with the answer to each question and why you answered this way. Then find an article about how to find good employees. Provide a link to the article, summarize the article, and tell me what information you found important. Don't forget to label the blog appropriately.

Above is a link to the top 100 advertising campaigns of all time. Choose 5....look them up and describe them to me. Then ad why you believe this was a great ad campaign.

Sales and Marketing

The above article discusses the seven habit of highly effective sales people. List and describe each habit and tell me why you think its important. Then tell me which habit you think is the most important and why.