Sunday, September 30, 2007


In honor of this longstanding school tradition......there is no blog this week!!!! Take part in school activities and show your Royal Pride. Keep checking this blog for extra credit opportunities!!!

Sunday, September 23, 2007

Week 4 Blog Assignment DUE 9/28/07

Some of you are not doing a good job of labeling your assignments. Please remember to put your name, date, and hour on all assignments. Assignments should be labeled correctly, organized neatly, and easy to read.

Sports and Entertainment Marketing

This week you will be checking out the website It is a site that works with athletes and compaies to find sponsor match ups. As we talked about in class, sponsorships are not the same as endorsements. Please explore the site and answer the following questions.
- What is the difference between sponsorship and endorsement?
- How did this site get its start?
- What is the purpose of the site?
- Does the site work with any particular types of sports?
- What are some examples of sponsorship matchups?
- How would being a part of this site benefit the athletes and sponsors?

Business Law
There is a big issue going on in the state of Minnesota right now. The issue deals with cameras in the court room. It is coming before the Minnesota Supreme Court. Read the article below and discuss the issue. That means that you describe the issue, talk about the pros and cons, give your own opinion, and draw your conclusions. Your final papr should be about one page in length. This is a very current issue in our state, its important that you stay informed.

Fashion Marketing
Check out the site below that describes some of the new trends for fall 2007. The site lists ten trends. You are to choose five of them and do the following:

- Describe the trend
- What is interesting about this trend? What don't you like about this trent?
- Talk about how the trend will be translated to the mass retailers
- Will this trend be successful in the long run? Why or why not?
- Find a picture online of the trend and copy/paste it to your paper

Monday, September 17, 2007

Week 3 Blog Due 9/21/07


Ok, so the emmy's were on last night (Sunday). for those of you unaware, the emmy's are an awards show for TV. Please research the emmy's and answer the following questions. You can check out for help
  • History of the emmys. When did the start, where are they held, anything else you can think of
  • What are the career benefits of being a winner? A presenter?
  • Why do celebrities always tell us who made the dress/tux they are wearing?
  • How many people tuned in to watch the emmy's? How does this compare to other years?
  • List 3 fun facts about the emmy's


Go online and research everything you can about the Minnesota Supreme Court. See if you can find the following:

  • How many justices to we have and does the balance of power lean toward the democrats or the republicans?
  • Who is the State Supreme Court Justice? Who appointed him/her
  • List 3 interesting facts about the state supreme court
  • Describe an example of a case that is before the state supreme court


Read the attached article on Fashion Marketing 101:

Write a brief summary of the article. and answer the questions below

How do fashion marketers help designers?

How do fashion marketers help retailers?

What do you think are some of the most important characteristics of fashion marketers?

Which one do you feel is the most important? Why?

Monday, September 10, 2007

Week 2 Blog DUE 9/14/07

Alright Everyone, here is your week 2 blog. Make sure that you look to find the blog assignment that is for your class.

Sports and Entertainment Marketing
The Minnesota Twins will have a new ballpark in the next couple of years. What will that ballpark be like compared to the metrodome? What amenities will it offer tiket holders? What promotions are they doing? What are they doing for season ticket holders?

Go online and find the website of the new twins ballpark and answer the above questions. Remember to put your name, hour, and Friday's date at the top of your page. Your paper should also include the title of the assignment.

Business Law
This week we will be working with a chapter on Ethics. What is your definintion of ethics? Go online and find three ethical issues associated with the world of work. Describe them and tell me how you might react if you were put in a situation that dealt with that issue.

Remember to put your name, hour, and Friday's date at the top of your page. Your paper should also include the title of the assignment.

Fashion Marketing
Amanda Bynes and Sarah Jessica Parker have recently launched clothing lines with the retail outlet Steve and Barry's. Log onto ,, and and answer the following questions.
  • Check out the bitten and dear websites and look at some of the collections looks
  • Describe the looks of the clothes. Who are the target market of each collection
  • Check out the Steve and Barry's site. What types of things do they offer on their site
  • How are they promoting bitten and dear
  • Why would Sarah Jessica Parker and Amanda Bynes choose to work with Steve and Barry's? Justify your answer.
  • Do you think the lines will be a success? Why or why not.

Monday, September 3, 2007

First Blog!!! DUE 9/7/07

Hi Everyone and welcome to the blog. This is the site you will need to go to at least once a week to complete an assignment. You may want to check back often, as I will sometimes post extra credit opportunities!!

Each time you log on, look for your class name. Below that name you will find your assignment for the week. You need to complete the assignment and turn it into the me in class. This is considered homework and extra time in class will not be given for completion in class. These assignments are due at the beginning of the hour on the day they are due.

So, for your first blog assignment you are to find a current event that relates to your subject matter. By current, I mean within the last month. For the sports marketing students that does not mean sport scores or movie ads. I'm looking for articles that offer a perspective about what we will talk about in class. For sports students that could be about stadium news, new teams, awards, new season tv show prospects, etc. For Law students that means great cases and news items that relate to law. For fashion students that could mean talking about Target's relationship with designers or back to school fashions.

You are to do the following

  • Find an article and remember the source

  • In a word document put your name, hour and date in the upper right hand corner of your paper

  • At the top of your page put the name of the article and the source where you found your article

  • Write a brief summary of the article and tell me how it will relate to our class. I'm looking for about 1/2 of a page.

I have some creative assignments planned for this term, so I'll see you right back here next week!! MS. O