Friday, May 25, 2007

Week 8 Blog DUE 6/1/07

Fashion Marketing

Fashion Interview

This assignment will give you an idea of the fashion industry in recent years. You will have a chance to talk with parents and other adult friends and family about their teenage fashion look!! You will need to do the following

· Compose five (5) questions you could ask an adult about fashion during their teenage years

· Interview two adults using your questions. Write down their answers

· In a one page document create the following to be turned in:

o Name and relation of the person you are interviewing
o Questions and answers of the interview
o Answers, in complete sentences to the following (for each adult):
§ What is your opinion of their style
§ Compare/Contrast your style to the style of the interviewees
§ If you have any pictures of the adult fashions you could scan and add to your paper, that would be a bonus!!!

Sales and Marketing

Please read the above blog entry of a blog I've really enjoyed reading as of late. In this entry, John Hagel talks about marketing in the future. Summarize the article and tell me two ideas he has that you think are the most realistic. Don't forget to tell me why you think so!!

Monday, May 21, 2007

Week 7 Blog DUE May 25


Ok, so I'm not obsessed with Sarah Jessica Parker, but I'm loving her strange connection with the Steve and Barry's stores. I'm also interested in all the promotion that is surrounding the launch of her new clothing line on June 7th. So....

Log onto the SJP bitten clothing line website at Also log onto the Steve and Barry's site for comparison.
  • Check out the sjp bitten site. Look at the preview of over 400 items she will have for sale.
  • Describe the look of the clothes. who is the target market? would you buy them....why or why not?
  • Check out the Steve and Barry's website. What do they offer on their site
  • Why would sjp choose to work with Steve and Barrys? Do you think it is a good fit? Why or why not?
  • Do you think the line will be successful? Why or why not?


Read this article on the seven steps to marketing your new product. List each step and tell me the following:
Brief description of the step
Why it is important
Specifically, how would you apply these steps to the new product you are developing?

Tuesday, May 15, 2007

Week 6 Blog DUE 5/18/07

Yes you have a blog assignment this week......but it's an easy one!!

Fashion Marketing and Sales/Marketing

Find a current article relating to your class (it should be an article and not an ad or a picture). It can be about any topic discussed in class or get creative.....but it has to relate to class.

  • Attach a link to the article
  • At the top of your paper, write the name of the article, the author, the date the article was published, and the source
  • Write a short summary paragraph
  • Write a short paragraph as to how this article relates to your class
  • Be prepared to present these on Friday!!!

Monday, May 7, 2007

Week 5 Blog Assignment

Ok everyone, because I will be in NYC this week........NO BLOG ASSIGNMENT THIS WEEK!!! Aren't you excited? There are two conditions for this gift:
  • You are very well behaved for the sub
  • You keep this little secret to yourselves....make everyone look it up and figure it out for themselves.

We'll see you next week!!!