Tuesday, January 29, 2008

Week 1 Blog DUE February 1


Your first assignment today is quite easy. Simply find a current event (no more than a month old!!) and write a summary of the article and how you feel it relates to your business class. Requirements for this assignment are

Name on paper
Blog Number
Title and website of your source


Sunday, January 13, 2008

Week 9 Blog DUE 1/18/08

Sports and Entertainment Marketing

This week our focus turns to the entertainment industry, specifically The Golden Globe Awards. Due to the writer strike, they are going to be in another format. But we are going to take a look back......Please do the following:

  • What is the history of the The Golden Globes (when did it start, what is its purpose, etc.)?
  • Why are The Golden Globes an important awards show?
  • Who does the nominating of the actors, etc.?
  • What categories are covered?
  • What is Miss Golden Globe? Who was supposed to be Miss Golden Globe this year. Who is historically chosen as Miss Golden Globe?
  • How was the format of the awards different from previous years? Why was it different (be very specific)
  • How was the new forat received (in other words look up reaction to the awards format)


Check out www.rashreport.com and check out the tabs across the top in black.

  • Who is John Rash and what is his report about...I want lots of details on this one
  • Describe the household ratings tab and what does it tell you? Give me specific information about the shows that received the hightest ratings
  • Do the same thing with the age 18-49 tab.
  • Check out the press pass......what are they saying about television if the writers strike continues?
  • Who would this report be useful for and why?


Please read the following article about the distribution of music online only.....give a summary of the article. How does it relate to this class? How do you think music artists will continue to make money in the future? Do you think this was a good idea for the band to try? why or why not? Give me your opinion and lots of details.


Sunday, January 6, 2008

Week 8 Blog Assignment DUE 1/11/08

OK Everyone its back to blogging. Please remember to Label your blogs with the week and title of blog. Also, don't forget to site your sources!!

Sports and Entertainmnet Marketing
- The writers strike is still going strong. Nighttime talk shows are back on the air, but the awards ceremonies are up in the air. Do some general research and find out the latest updates on the writers strike. How long will it be before we run out of new shows. What are networks doing to fill air time? What is the perspective from the networks and the writers? Are their any new talks scheduled?

- Check out the following article and write a summary and how they relate to our class.

- Read the following article on website design and write a summary. Also, tell me which concepts you could incorporate into your website.