Sunday, May 25, 2008

Week 8 Blog DUE May 30th

Alright Gang, this may possibly be your last blog of the school year (but never say never!!)

Fashion Marketing
Fashion InterviewThis assignment will give you an idea of the fashion industry in recent years. You will have a chance to talk with parents and other adult friends and family about their teenage fashion look!!
You will need to do the following·
Compose five (5) questions you could ask an adult about fashion during their teenage years· Interview two adults using your questions. Write down their answers·
In a one page document create the following to be turned in:
Name and relation of the person you are interviewing
- Questions and answers of the interview
- Answers, in complete sentences to the following (for each adult):
-What is your opinion of their style
-Compare/Contrast your style to the style of the interviewees
-If you have any pictures of the adult fashions you could scan and add to your paper, that would be a bonus!!!

Sports Marketing
One of the areas of sports marketing that we don't have time to get to is the travel and tourism industry. In fact, we could have an entire class on travel and tourism alone. With rising gas prices AAA believes that more and more people will be staying closer to home for their family vacations. One site that is out there that helps promote MN as a vacaction destination is Go to the site and check it out. Answer the following questions completely.

- Explore all the links at the top of the page and tell me what each of them has to offer. Give examples.
- What are they offering for deals and packages?
- What do they have to say about the 150th birthday of Minnesota?
- Describe two upcoming festivals
- Where is the worlds largest ball of twine located?
-Describe two other local flavors.
- What did you discover that was new about MN?
- What did you like about the site?

Monday, May 19, 2008

Week 7 Blog Due 5/23/08

Sales and Marketing

This week we will start talking about sales. Salespeople must know what motivates customers to buy and what decisions customers make before the final purchase. Although there are many reasons customers purchase products, their motives fall into two categories: Emotional and Rational. Use your research skills to find the difference between emotional and rational buying decisions. Describe the difference and list some products that fall into each category. The following article will help get you started.

Fashion Marketing
This week we are talking about customer service and promotions. Customer service is a very important part of a store's image and brand. For instance, Nordstrom is a store known for giving outstanding customer service. Find a current article that discusses customer servicel. It may be about how customer service is changing, highlight a store that gives good customer service, or talks about how important customer service is in a changing economy. Find the article, write down the source, write a summary and how it relates to the class. I'm looking for about 1/2 a page.

Sports Marketing
The summer movie season is upon us!!! I'm excited for the new Indiana Jones movie, how about you? Find an article that talks about the new movies coming out for the summer. What movies are coming out? Are the writers excited about the movies? Are there any sequels, which are always popular in the summer? Why is the summer a popular time for new movies to come out? Make sure you write at least 1/2 a page and write down the name of the source.

Monday, May 12, 2008

Week 6 Blog DUE 5/16/08

Sales and Marketing
This week you are working on a project that you need to present ot the class. So you need to know how to give a good business presentation. Use your research skills to find information on the steps to a good business presentation. List and describe them. Don't forget to list your sources.

Fashion Marketing
Check out the above article. Give me a 1/2 page summary. Also discuss your thoughts on online learning. Have you ever taken an online class? Does this seem like something you would be interested in...why or why not?

Sports Marketing
Check out the above article and give me a 1/2 page summary. What do you think about this concept? Do you think it will be successful? Why or why not?

Monday, May 5, 2008

Week 5 Blog DUE May 9

Happy 5th week of term 4!!! Some of you are neglecting to use the proper format when turning in your blogs. See previous posts for blog format. Please also remember to do the blog that is for your class and not just any blog.

Sales and Marketing

This week we will be starting a new project on product development. Use the link provided above, or another source and describe 5 new inventions that are in the process of being developed and marketed. Describe the item, paste a picture of the item, and tell me if you feel this invention will be a sucess and why or why not.

Fashion Marketing

Please read the fascinating article above about the trials and tribulations of QVC (tv shopping network). Give me a 1/2 page summary about the article and then......describe 2 ways that QVC could market their products to get more viewers and sales. For example, how could they better reach your age group. Then describe 3 things you would like QVC to sell that your age group may purchase.

Sports Marketing
This week you will be checking out the website
It is a site that works with athletes and compaies to find sponsor match ups. As we talked about in class, sponsorships are not the same as endorsements. Please explore the site and answer the following questions.
- What is the difference between sponsorship and endorsement?
- How did this site get its start?
- What is the purpose of the site
- Does the site work with any particular types of sports?
- What are some examples of sponsorship matchups?
- If you were an athlete, how would you use this site?
- If you were a company, how would you use this site?