Monday, September 29, 2008

Blog Week 5 DUE 10/3/08

Sports Marketing-look up the website:

Check it out and answer the following quesitons
- what is the website selling (give me details)
- what else besides merchandise are they "selling"
- what is the price range
- describe three uses for their products (check out their gallery for inspiration)
- would something like this work at the local level? why or why not

Fashion Marketing

Please read the fascinating article above about the trials and tribulations of QVC (tv shopping network). Give me a 1/2 page summary about the article and then......describe 2 ways that QVC could market their products to get more viewers and sales. For example, how could they better reach your age group. Then describe 3 things you would like QVC to sell that your age group may purchase.

Last week we created a name, logo, and business stationary for your new business. Read the following article and some of the recommended readings and write 1/2 of a page on why an identity is important for a new business and what collateral is important for a business have.

Monday, September 22, 2008

Week 4 Blog DUE 9/26/08

Some of you have been slacking when it comes to a couple of things. Make sure you are using the proper format for turning in your blogs....we've been over this many times, make sure if you are handwriting your blogs that I can read it. Also, make sure that you are providing me with details. Some of you scratch out a couple of lines at the beginning of class and class it good, while others do complete research and give me a proper write up. Those of you choosing the first option are losing points on your blogs. Please also remember to list your sources.

Sports Marketing

Find a current event dealing with sponsorship. Use the google news function that I have shown you in class. Summarize the article and tell me how it relates to the class. Remember to tell me the title of the article and the source. I'm looking for 1/2 a page on this one!!

Fashion Marketing

Please read the above article on how people are dealing with having less money to spend on clothes. Do you agree with the suggestions listed? If you found yourself with less money to spend on clothes what would you do? What would you skip? What would you absolutely have to buy. I'm looking for about 1/2 a page on this one!!


This is a link to to the top 30 entrepreneurs over 30. Choose three of them and give me a summary of their business and how they got their start. Then tell me what characteristic do you think they posses that allows them to be successful.

Sunday, September 14, 2008

Week 3 Blog Due 9/19/08

Remember to check the class website out for discussion opportunities (they could be worth extra credit)

The format for this weeks blogs remains the same as they have for the past two weeks.

Sports and Entertainment Marketing

Please read the above article and write a 1/2 page summary. This article deals with an ethical issue in sports marketing. Do you think that schools should be allowed to do what was mentioned in the article and why? Does it harm college athletics? Why or why not? Had you ever heard of this happening before? How does it affect marketing opportunities for teams?

Fashion Marketing

We are going to continue with our trend research. You will now research and describe three trends for spring 2009. Do you think this trend is a new trend or a continuation of a 2008 trend? Do you like this trend why or why not? Do you think this will be a popular trend why or why not? Give an estimate on how long you think this trend will last.


EntrepreneurRead the article linked below. It is about running a seasonal business. Some of you have chosen a business that will be busier at certain times of the year than others; read how you can survive the entire business year. Read the article, summarize, and tell me two ideas you thought were interesting.

Sunday, September 7, 2008

Blog Week 2 Due 9/12/08

Welcome to week 2 of the blog. The requirements remain the same. Remember to put your name, date, hour, and blog week at the top of your paper......and to site your sources. The blogs are due at the very beginning of class on Friday. That means if you need to print, make sure you do so before class on Friday.

Some of you did a really good job researching and writing about your current events. Others, need to give me more details. Quality will begin to matter in the coming do your best work!!!

Sports and Entertainment Marketing

We are going to continue our research about the Olympics. Do some general research about what it takes to host the Olympic games. What are the requirements and what is the process that the city and the Olympic Committee go through to select a city. Where are some of the next olympics being held. Give me dates adn cities for as many as you can find. Don't forget to site your sources.

Fashion Marketing

The focus this week is on fall trends. With the weather turning colder our minds turn from shorts and tanks to sweaters and jeans. List and describe three trends for fall of 2008. Tell me if you like the trend: why or why not. Also tell me how long you believe the trend will last. Make sure to also tell me why or why not. Also make sure that you site your sources.

Entrepreneur Management

Please read the above article on teen entrepreneurial ideas. Summarize the article and tell me two ideas you think are the most important and why. Also, tell me what you could do to be entrepreneurial as a teen. How would you go about getting started? Maybe some of you are already doing something!!