Monday, February 25, 2008

Week 5 Blog DUE 3/1/08

Ok everyone I'm taking it easy on you this week. Please find a current event related to any topic inyour business class. Write a summary of the article and how it relates to your class. Extra credit will be given if you professionally present in class on Friday. Have a great week!!!

Monday, February 18, 2008

Week 4 Blog DUE 2/22/08


This week in class we will be creating a name, logo, and business stationary for your new business. Read the following article and some of the recommended readings and write 1/2 of a page on why an identity is important for a new business and what collateral is important for a business have.

Business Law

This week you are going to be doing some general research on the death penalty. Please answer the following questions:

- How many states currently have the death penalty? List them
- What is the average time fram from sentencing till the actual execution?
- Who is usually allowed to witness an execution? This will vary by state, so make sure you tell me what state you are using in your example.
- How many women have been put to death in the last 100 years? Give me an example
- What are the methods currently used to execute someone?
-Are there any states that are currently looking at eliminating the death penalty? How about states that are thinking about adding the death penalty?

Sales and Marketing

One of the concepts we talk alot about in marketing is the concept of promotion. Getting the word out about your product or service through conventional or unconventional means. Many times during your life you will have the opportunity to promote yourself, so we bring up the topic of self promotion. Sometimes it is referred to as networking. Think about all the times you may have to promote yourself: jobs, scholarship, dates, colleges, interviews, marriage proposal, inlaws, or even impressing your teacher during class!! Think about how you would promote yourself as someone I should give 100 points extra credit to. I'm not going to give those points out, but for this assignment do the following:

Look up the concept of self promotion and tell me what you find online (what sort of things pop up on your search). Describe 3

Create a tagline or slogan for yourself which best describes why you would deserve the 100 points. Make sure to describe your tagline

Finally, write a paragraph or listing of reasons (realistic) as to why I should pick you.

Friday, February 15, 2008

Profiler has been updated

Hope you are all having a great three day weekend.

I updated Profiler on Friday so your updated grades are available for viewing.

If you have any difficulty viewing your grades please let me know on Tuesday.

Sunday, February 10, 2008

Week 3 Blog DUE 2/15/08


Reasearch, list and describe 5 of the top "at-home" businesses

What are they- name and describe the business
Investment (time and money)
What is needed to start the business
What makes this business a good business in general
What makes this business a good "at-home" business

Make sure you site your sources


Go online and research everything you can about the Minnesota Supreme Court. See if you can find the following:

How many justices to we have and does the balance of power lean toward the democrats or the republicans?
Who is the State Supreme Court Justice? Who appointed him/her
List 3 interesting facts about the state supreme court....could include facts about justices or cases
Describe an example of a case that is before the state supreme court


As you may have read or heard about, the market for homes is in a slump. Houses are taking much longer to sell or not selling at all. If you are unfamiliar with this read the attached article.

I want you to do some research on some of the tactics realators are using to sell houses. Are they lowering prices, doing more open houses, or baking cookies to attract buyers. Find and describe five methods and remember to site your sources.

Sunday, February 3, 2008

Week 2 Blog DUE 2/8/08

Hi Everyone

Some of you were a little lax in regards to some of the requirements I had for last weeks blog. Please remember to include the following on your paper:

Title of blog or article and your source



Please read the above article on teen entrepreneurial ideas. Summarize the article and tell me two ideas you think are the most important and why. Also, tell me what you could do to be entrepreneurial as a teen. How would you go about getting started? Maybe some of you are already doing something!!

Business Law (Civil and Criminal Law)

We are skipping the chapter on ethics, but I want you to review it anyway. What is your definintion of ethics? What do you feel is ethical behavior in the workpace? Go online and find three ethical issues associated with the world of work. Describe them and tell me how you might react if you were put in a situation that dealt with that issue.

Sales and Marketing

Read the attached article on Buzz Marketing.

This concept has been generating alot of "buzz" in the marketing industry. Summarize the article making sure you define buzz marketing. Why is it important?Do you believe buzz marketing can work? How?Give an example of specifically how you could create "buzz" about the product you are designing for your product development project.