Sunday, April 19, 2009

Week 3 Blog DUE 4/24/09

Please remember to label your assignments correctly. Please see week 2 blog for format.


Please read the about article and give me a detailed summary of the article. Tell me, do you think sports organizations can benefit from using social media..why or why not? Also, give me two additional ways sports can use social media or other technology to help promote their team.


Log onto the the site for the Minnesota Suprem Court. Give me a brief description of the courts...who is on it, how long have they been on, who will retire, what is the political party do the members fo the court belong to? Who is an ex professional footbal player? Who is the chief justice?

Then find a case that the MN Supreme Court will hear or has just heard. Tell me about the case....story and ruling. You are not doing a case brief on this one.

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